Live Lobsters

Our lobsters are stored in the state-of-the-art live holding tanks with patented world leading technology, which provides them with a most comfortable living condition to ensure they are healthy before shipping. Caring for the lobsters is very important to us, as we want to guarantee when the products reach our customers they are of the best quality and very healthy.

Our lobsters are packed in airfreight approved Styrofoam cartons.

Live lobster grades

We grade our lobsters according to sizes. You can choose a grade that suited to your needs.

Frozen Tropical Lobster Products

Lobster products are snap frozen onboard our vessel’s processing facility after its caught . Our onboard snap freezers chill the product to minus 40 Celsius (- 40℃). This process maintains full texture, firmness and taste of the flesh when thawed. When seafood is caught, it loses its freshness with time, so the quicker its snap frozen, the more fresh it will be. As we freeze our product on our vessels, there’s no need to waste time taking the products to a land facility.

Frozen Lobster Tails

Weight range: 2-3 pieces per kg.