map of northern Queensland, Australia

The region of Australia’s northern-most point is a place of immense natural beauty. Pure and untouched, its blue and crystal clear waters decorated with islands and coral reefs are home to Australia’s finest seafood. Our fleet is located in the waters of Torres Strait, an area that is declared a protected zone. It is strictly managed by the Protected Zone Joint Authority. Fishing in this area is prohibited by outsiders, except for a limited number of license holders. Our fleet is one of the very few license holders to fish in these pure waters. Our products are wild-caught and packed direct to you so you can taste the authentic flavours of northern Australian seafood.

A lobster fleets located in Thursday Island.

Experience is a pivotal part of our business. Our fleet has an experienced crew – some with 20 or more years of experience. This experience allows us to find the spots for the best catches of the season. We make sure our products are the highest of quality and that it reaches our customers tasting as fresh as nature intended it to be.

Our company is specialized in a range of lobster and seafood products from live to frozen. All our products are hand caught and produced to meet stringent AQIS export standards. We are proud to carry Australia’s reputation as the finest seafood producer in the world.